Hiring a Dental Marketing Consultant

Dental Marketing

Many, most or all of the articles here may give the impression that you are expected to know and do a lot. I have always tried to give the assurance that you can lighten your load by hiring others. After all, you do not expect your auto mechanic to know about dental techniques so why should you know anything about repairing an automobile?

However, this leads to another problem: how can you select a dental marketing expert when you are in need of such services? If you are in Hyderabad, and there is a company called The Best Dental Marketing Company in Hyderabad, and they have very many highly favourable reviews then they would be an obvious choice. A search for such a company yielded 0 results, so such a company does not exist.

Thus, you will have to do some hard work on your own. This article will make it easier for you by recommending that you look for 7 characteristics.

Experts ought to know everything within their fields. Auto mechanics ought to be able to fix any car and advocates ought to be able to handle any legal concern that you have. However, modern life is not like that. People specialize in various things. An advocate may be able to help you in a criminal case but not with your immigration problem. You, yourself, probably specialize and may not have the equipment or the comfort level to perform some dental procedures that other dentists routinely perform.

The same can be said about dental marketing experts. You want to hire one who has experience with marketing for dentists and healthcare professionals. These ones will understand the nuances of the field and be knowledgeable about the specifics of what works and what does not work. Such experts will insist on performing a marketing evaluation of your clinic before they get started.

Marketing system or program
The expert needs to look before he leaps. He needs to have a plan or strategy in place which is easy to be shown, understood and followed. It should incorporate a marketing calendar (so that you know what happens when); a marketing budget (so that you can be prepared for and plan for the month-to-month and year-to-year costs); and a marketing action plan (so that you can do what needs to happen when).

I have come to know of a packing and moving company in Australia that has developed an extensive and complete method for packing and transporting furniture and belongings. If I were ever in Australia then I probably would avail them in my moving needs. Your consultant should also adopt a system for SEO.

The important thing is that the consultant is not flying by the seat of his pants.

indian rupeeYou need to ensure that the plan is affordable, cost-effective and brings value to your clinic. You do not want to spend ₹25,000 each month if it brings in just ₹10,000 per month in additional revenue for the long-term.

In short, you will need to know the ROI. You will need to know how many new patients will need to be brought in for this SEO service to start paying for itself.

As a way out, there should be a clause in the agreement stipulating your exit from it if you are dissatisfied with the results.

Yes, this is an intangible but that does not negate its importance. My father always said that it is not only what you know but whom you know that will make you a success in life. My wife always says that it is not what you say but how you say it.

In regards to your consultant, you want one who is a pleasure to work with, gets along with your staff and has a “can do” attitude. Avoid those who are know-it-alls and upset your entire clinic by instituting changes in procedures within a few days of starting work, and the know-nothings who ask you about which SEO procedure should be adopted by your clinic.

Yes, this is an intangible but you can possibly get some verification of it. With SEO experts, much of the training is through hands-on experience and may not have a certificate. Remember, even Bill Gates did not graduate from college. All this simply means that you need to ask more questions.

A lot of excellent and productive work can be accomplished long-distance. After all, India is known throughout the world for BPO (business process outsourcing). If however you want regular face-face meetings by all means hire someone in your area – although personally in this day and age, justr get the best you can – location of the marketing consultant doesn’t really matter for online marketing.

Large and small consultancies–as well as large and small companies in every field–each have their own advantages and disadvantages. It may be outside the scope of this article to enumerate them all. Here, however, I shall simply relate the philosophy and practice of an MNC bank headquartered in the United States. They proudly announce that they place culture first and size second, and “We never put size ahead of culture”.

In other words, they do not necessarily want to be the biggest; they simply want to be the best. It certainly has worked well for them (even in terms of size); they are one of the largest corporations in the United States, and one of the largest banks throughout the world.

In short, if you can find the best SEO company then size would be irrelevant. Infact a dedicated consultant can perhaps give you a better service.

Yes, another intangible, but perhaps the most needed and helpful. It shows that they care. If you are getting married then you may be doing so because your parents approve of her, she wants to work (or, on the other hand, wants to stay home), is beautiful, has a beautiful mother, is well educated and has other verifiable characteristics. However, you most likely will want to marry her only if she has heart.

Think of the dental SEO company as being another relationship. If they have heart and are passionate about work and people, then half the work is already done.

Once you have decided on a dental SEO company, realize that SEO can be a longer than desired process. The expert is not Harry Potter and cannot wave a magic wand to create new patients for you. He cannot create new patients for you with the pressing of a keyboard button. Have patience. That is a characteristic that you should look for in yourself.

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