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Case Study: Online Marketing Strategy for a Dental Clinic!!
The outset was aware of the potential of the Internet to capture patients and quickly began to carry out various actions. However, his first experiences were not too satisfactory. they hired services of a Freelance who charged about 20,000 dollars between 2015 and 2018, but who failed to implement an online marketing strategy that generated consistent results. Despite capturing an average of 10 new clients a year, he was barely able to recover what was spent.

In 2019 he decided to make a change, and not continue with the services of Freelance and went to a company specialized in online marketing for dental clinics, achieving very different results.

The objective: From the first moment of the clinic objective was clear, to generate new patients for the dental clinic constantly month by month. He was willing to invest and carry out an online marketing strategy that would allow him to have a strong online presence and position himself above his competitors.

The solution: Contrary to what happened with the Freelance, the agency carried out a much more successful strategy achieving very positive results.seo for dental practices

The first thing they did was to redesign the website focusing on achieving a high conversion rate (that a high percentage of visitors requested the first appointment). They were not complicated with a very complex design and a few days it was already working. Each week they included new high-quality content and achieved a 5% conversion, which allowed them to generate 20 new patients per month on average. And this only with a redesign of the website, since at that time they had a flow of 1,000 monthly visits.

To achieve even more patients it was necessary to increase the number of visits received by the web, so a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign was developed. In a short time, it appeared on the first page of google, surpassing very strong competitors in positioning. With the variations of Google in recent years, local results have gained much prominence, something that certainly favors businesses such as dental clinics. So an optimization was also carried out to achieve visibility in local results.

To complement the SEO strategy, which requires much more time until the results can be seen, Google Adwords campaigns were launched. For those who are not familiar, Google Adwords is the most efficient online advertising platform at the moment. Based on a cost-per-click (CPC) system, in a few months, it was possible to optimize to such an extent that the cost was reduced by 35%.

How does Google Ads help To Increase More Patient In Dental Clinic?

To complete the online marketing strategy, actions were also carried out on social networks that, in addition to creating an online presence that generates trust, is a source of the traffic to the website. Using retargeting techniques on Facebook, 2 new patients were generated per month. In addition, Facebook has a very powerful advertising platform that allows campaigns very focused on the target audience and with lower costs than Google Adwords.


Finally, testimonies were collected from the patients of the clinic to share them on the website and social networks, so as to generate greater confidence. Through videos on YouTube, or by asking the patients themselves to reflect their experience in social media profiles, hundreds of testimonies were generated.

The Result: In his first experience with the Freelance dental clinic after investing in about 20,000 dollars, he barely managed to capture 40 new patients in 3 years, which only allowed them to recover what was invested. However, after a year of contract with the online marketing agency specialized in dental clinics, their results were very different. His return on investment (ROI) rate was 500%, that is, with the 2,000 dollars he invested per month, he managed to generate revenues of around 15,000 dollars.

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