Strategy To Attract New Patients Through Facebook & Google Ads!!

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Implementation of a strategy to attract new patients through Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaigns.
  • 100% increase of new visits for implant treatments
  • 40 new contacts of new patients on average per month.

The History – Internet as the main source of income of the Clinic

The Dental Clinic with modern facilities and a nationally recognized team for its multiple publications and appearances in television media. The clinic had a well-developed web page and a strong presence in social networks, as well as other patient acquisition systems.

However, the team wanted to continue growing, increase the turnover of the clinic and publicize the clinic in the area.
It is when the clinic team decides to turn to Clinics Marketing, experts in the generation of new patients for clinics, to improve their online presence and generate new patients.

The Objective: Improve the online presence and attract new patients. The main objective is that the clinic could publicize the clinic on the Internet, position itself above the competition and generate new patients.

The Solution – Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaigns

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As the clinic already has a well-optimized web page and positioned in Google, it is not necessary to make changes so the efforts are focused on Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns.
In this case, the clinic wants to promote treatments for both Dental Implants and Dental Aesthetics, Bruxism, and Periodontics. For this, campaigns are launched in Google Ads optimizing the keywords month by month, directing traffic to well-edited Landing Page.
For Facebook Ads campaigns, direct campaigns are carried out to generate new patients, and at the same time promotion is given to the contents of the Clinic Blog to offer information about treatments and improve the brand image of the clinic.

The Result – Increase in more than $50,000 of turnover in 6 months

From the first week that the campaigns began, the results were seen and it has been possible to generate appointment requests that arrive through the online channel constantly, having an average of 40 new contacts per month and increasing the turnover of the clinic in more than $90,000 in the first 6 months.

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