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Dental Marketing

Dentistry, in the India, is rapidly changing as we know it. Since the change of the NHS contract in April 2006, more than 2000 practices went private. Principals of existing private practices may grin from ear to ear now as they may think that these changes will not have any effect on them. How wrong! If you are complacent and think that everything will be OK, your competitors will take over.

Many dentists found the contract financially detrimental and with the end of the initial three-year guaranteed period rapidly approaching in 2009 and now extended until 2011, many are now considering moving private, and in the hope of securing their future and income stream, their only marketing pillar will be a low fee entrance. Thus undervaluing their services and leading to fierce competition.
To stay ahead of the pack, you need to differentiate your practice from other practices and to achieve this you need to have an excellent marketing strategy in place to identify threats and opportunities. If you think marketing is just another term for advertising, think again!

And a word of caution; don’t leave things until the last moment, there will be one almighty rush as April 2009 approach and you need to plan for your future now!

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