The Ways to Promote Your Cosmetic Dentist Marketing Business

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In the arena of cosmetic dentist marketing, you should find helpful ways on how to promote your business. Promoting your cosmetic dentist marketing business would mean getting more cosmetic patients in your side. In this article I would like to teach you the ways, and the strategies that you can have to become successful in your cosmetic dentist marketing business.

#1: Sub-Niche Your Practice!

The first way to promote your cosmetic dentist marketing business is to sub-niche your practice and start to promote other service. So what do I mean by sub-niching your practice? In my case, we’re promoting an “Invisalign” for patients who needs whiter, stronger teeth. When they come to me I ask them what their ultimate goals are, and we have Invisalign as a solution for them to help them get straighter teeth. But if they want to get straighter, whiter teeth and they want it now (and they’re candidates for veneers and any other kinds of services that we offer), then we can present the whole treatment plan right then and there. So one of the things that I like to teach the doctors is that you can start sub-niching your practice. Go after your patients with problems and have cosmetic dentistry as the solution for them.

#2: Go For “Lead-Generation Marketing”!

The second way to promote your cosmetic dentist marketing business is to do what I call the “lead-generation marketing”. And what I mean by this is that you advertise your services. With advertising you actually help people identify you as a good cosmetic dentist by overwhelming them with “before and afters” proof, wherein you can educate them through DVD’s, powerpoints, and also through the Internet. This, in my mind, is the future of dentistry and how it is going to be sold. You have the options of educating your patients through seminars, local workshops, or you can actually have the Internet as your option and educate them on-line.

#3: Open The “Floodgates” To Your Patients!

The third way to promote cosmetic dentist marketing is to open the floodgates to your patients. What I see with a lot of doctors is that they have associates, or a couple of associates, and they open the floodgates to their new patients and they just get the patients coming in. Then 1 out of 10, or 2 out of 10 patients that came in are going to want cosmetic dentistry or more of high-end restorative dentistry. And if you’re the boss and you won the whole practice, you can be the one who gets that business or that patient.

So these are the ways that you can promote your cosmetic dentist marketing business. Remember, you can sub-niche your practice, then you can go for lead generation marketing through advertising, and then open the floodgates to your new patients. Following these ways will help you gain more new patients, and be successful in your business!

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