Web Development & Local SEO Optimization!!

Local SEO
Development of a new website and SEO Local Optimization to occupy the top positions in Google.
  • More than 10 keywords that appear on the first page of Google
  • 10 new contacts of new patients on average per month
  • 200% Return on the investment made in total campaigns

The History – Full Domain Over Local Competition

They had a website that had managed to position itself by some related word but was still surpassed by competition in many other terms, and its website does not have a current design.
It is when the clinic team decides to turn to Clinics Marketing, experts in online marketing for clinics, to improve their online presence and position themselves above the competition clearly.

The Objective – Position themself on Google for as many keywords as possible

The main objective is that the clinic could appear in the top positions of Google results due to the greater number of keywords related to dental and other treatments offered by the clinic.

web development

The Solution – New Web, optimization and Local SEO strategy

First, a new website was created, with detailed information on treatments, equipment, and a clear and simple appointment request system. Its design is modern and adaptable to all types of screens and devices.

A local SEO optimization process on the web has allowed it to be positioned on the first page by performing generic searches as per treatments. This generates a flow of visits to the web continuously, and publicizing the clinic in the area, positioning itself above the competition.

In this way, the clinic ensures that anyone who searches for any dental treatment on the Internet, whether from their computer or mobile phone, the clinic’s website always appears in the top positions.


The Result – Positioned in first results by more than 10 keywords

The domain over the competition in the first pages of Google is clear, positioned with more than 10 keywords.
Do you want us to talk together to create an Online Marketing Plan that generates a minimum of 20 new visits per month to your Dental Clinic?
We want to hear your current difficulties and determine how we can help you solve them.

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